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I'm a creative director at Warner Bros Games Montreal.

I spent nearly 10 years at Ubisoft's Toronto and Montreal studios, where I was game director on two SPLINTER CELL titles, CONVICTION and BLACKLIST. Before that I was a game and narrative designer on the FAR CRY series.

Before I joined Ubi I was a creative director and producer for the digital agency Blast Radius, where my clients included game industry giants like Nintendo and EA, as well as media companies like Sony, Vivendi-Universal and USA Networks. I also logged hundreds of hours in editing suites staring at overcranked footage of Michael Jordan sailing through the air, which wasn't a bad way to make a living.

Through a combination of dumb luck and shameless opportunism, I managed to survive the entire dot-com thing and come out weirdly ahead of the curve. I immediately spent the entirety of that delta on a series of short film collaborations with a number of extremely talented folks on whose coat-tails I continue to ride periodically. I can see no good reason to discontinue this lopsided arrangement and these geniuses are all too kind-hearted to tell me to bugger off.


history, atheism, the future, parkour, religion, screenwriting, game design theory, film and tv (especially of the cable variety), geopolitical boxing, outdoor rec, human spaceflight, the recent late present, boxing, geopolitics