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March 04, 2008



thanks for sharing this valuable contribution


I stumbled across these slides over on Clint's blog and found them to be a fantastic insight into the narrative construction of games. I just want to thank you for making them available - they enabled a layman to grasp the scope of what you are trying to accomplish.


Whoa. That's a fantastic document to read. Many thanks for adding on the speaking notes to the slides. It's a great insight into the kind of thought that goes into this element of things. The graphs of systemic and choreographed narrative in particular were very thought-provoking.

Before reading this, I had just finished writing my own criticism of one element of Far Cry 2's narrative as a response to Clint Hocking's comments on Pentadact's blog. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.
Uploaded to here:

I hadn't read this presentation when writing that, but I think it supports some of the assumptions I made, so I've popped in a link to it.

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